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Thoughts on the stretch point pt.2

Author: Kelsey

Background: Two days ago I was editing Brianna’s post and realized I had some thoughts on the stretch point myself. Instead of combining our powers into a megapost I decided to do a sequel post. Here is the result.

Start: While Brianna was at the bioinformatics training workshop I was safely at home in my hobbit hole reading, writing, running, studying, and thinking. Besides skyping the Bri-Master and some limited interaction with the Paleo Lab (which has scattered for the summer) I found myself working on my scientific endeavors alone and enjoying it!

Middle: Curious about stretch points and comfort zones, I conducted a casual image search. During my quest I found out three things (1) Comfort zones are almost always circular (2) Stretch zones usually surround comfort zones and thus have a larger area, and (3) Surrounding both of these is an often undefined anxiety zone from where there appears to be NO ESCAPE! Comfort zones were associated with morally “bad” traits such as ‘mediocre life’, ‘depression’, and ‘average’. Stretch zones were associated with “good” traits such as ‘fearless’, ‘success’, ‘wealth’, and ‘the sky is the limit’ (I’m not even sure how that last one applies).

End: As I reflected on this schism between these diagrams and my current state I realized that it’s usual and even necessary to bounce from one zone to the other and this could be independent of my moral bearing. Here I present an updated diagram. What do you think?

Note that I have attempted to solve the limitless anxiety zone problem.

The Zones