Fossilosophy is the brainchild of two friends and colleagues who met as undergraduates in the University of Oregon Paleobiology Group. We are interested in how a paleontological perspective can inform modern studies, as well as how modern biology can integrate with paleo data to provide a place for testing ideas in a more data-rich, controllable system. To us, creativity is a vital part of the scientific enterprise, so you’ll find us kicking around artistic ideas and thought experiments on a regular basis.

Brianna McHorse began her PhD in Biology at Harvard University in Fall 2013, and you can find her academic website here. Her undergraduate work took two main branches: the first set of projects was and is paleontological, while the second – her honors thesis – set out to identify the relationship between conformation and performance in modern sport horses. Her dissertation is focused on digit reduction in the fossil horse lineage. In her spare time she enjoys rock climbing, jiu jitsu, a wide selection of Nintendo games, and applying molding and casting to creative pursuits.
Contact her at bmchorse [at] fas [dot] harvard [dot] edu. (McHorse CV)

Kelsey Stilsonis is currently working on her PhD at the University of Chicago, where she is interested in evolutionary neuroscience and anatomy. You can find her academic website, complete with an art portfolio, here. Two main undergraduate projects included developing a new, quantitative method for addressing taphonomic bias and an honors thesis investigating the evolution of rhinocerotid arthritis through 50 million years. For her masters at UT Austin, she investigated inter-skull variation and its kinematic effects in Australian agamid lizards. She runs marathons like it’s no big deal, her favorite day of the week is Comic Book Wednesday, and transforming vague requests into beautiful paleontological illustrations is a specialty.
Contact her at kstilson [at] uchicago[dot] edu.

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