Coping Mechanisms, #1

Author: Brianna

Do you ever think about just how much information is in your head? Sometimes I do, if I’m feeling a little overwhelmed by all the knowledge I have yet to acquire.

It turns out I know a lot of stuff, and some of it’s even useful!


I’m familiar with which metal pointy bits (studs) to put on the bottom of your horse’s shoes for traction when galloping and jumping cross-country. Road studs, grass tips, small bullets, big bullets, hex roads, semi-square medium spike? Different studs on front shoes and back shoes? Different studs inside and outside on the same shoe?

I know  how many feet are in a mile, and also who the lead singer of The Cars is. (Thanks for always quizzing me on those two things, Dad!)

I have memorized all three poems from Meredith Ann Pierce’s The Darkangel trilogy. I’m not sure why.

I can use Photoshop like…a person who has been messing with Photoshop since she was about 8 years old, which is actually pretty well.

I can still write in the basic Japanese alphabet, understand most things that are said to me, and communicate (with a good accent!) when ordering food or asking directions. Alas, I have always been and continue to be terrible at kanji.

Fact: you can start a fire with ice, if you polish it into a good enough lens.

I can read music in treble clef.

I’m conversant in the theory and practice of clicker training (operant conditioning) animals, especially dogs and horses.

I remember an awful lot of Greek, Egyptian, and Norse mythology.

Also, you know, I’ve got couple bits of information and ideas about evolution and paleontology.


Thus, my coping mechanism/ inspiration for the day: surely if I can fit all that business in my brain, I’ll be able to squish in whatever else needs squishing.


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