Comic Wednesday: Philosophy of Phylogenies Pt.1

Author: Kelsey

Welcome to our first weekly Comic Wednesday!

We’re a pretty visual pair of people, and we often connect concepts from our lives with concepts in science. This weekly feature will share some of those inner brain workings, giving you a peek into the strange and wonderful things we come up with. Most art will feature Kelsey, who is the undisputed artist between the two of us. Some will be funny and some will be thoughtful. Today’s comic is a bit darker and a bit more uplifting the longer you think about it.

Comic1 copy

An optimal life plan? Like an overly simplified cladogram, this life map overlooks a great deal of complexity. Just remember, life and phylogenies aren’t always exactly what we expect them to be…

(And if everything went exactly the way we expected, life would be a little boring anyway.)

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