Hi there, and welcome to Fossilosophy, the brainchild of two University of Oregon undergraduates named Kelsey and Brianna.

As time goes on (and we finish our honors theses, secure housing in our respective graduate school cities, and the like) you’ll learn more about who we are and what we’re doing. For now, here’s a brief introduction:

Kelsey is a geology major in the paleontology track who has some rather biological leanings; Brianna is a biology major whose research has a decidedly paleontological flavor. We work together in the Hopkins Lab, a place full of vertebrate paleontology and sarcasm, where each of us was dragged gradually into “that whole science thing.” Next year we’re heading to graduate school – Kelsey to UT Austin and Brianna to Harvard – to keep right on doing the science thing.

We’re big fans of working hard and playing hard. You’re just as likely to find us kicking around science ideas well into the evening as you are to find us running around campus waving nerf guns at “zombies.” We really, really enjoy a bunch of things that fall under the general “outreach” heading, AKA sharing the sheer awesomeness of science with as many people as possible. We also have an awful lot of ideas, which is where this blog has come in; our plan is to share our thoughts and ideas, join the great conversation of science and academic blogging, and learn some things along the way.

If science gets invaded by interstellar forces, you know who to call.

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